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TIA - Tech Internship and Study Abroad, is a placement agency which provides matches to paid internships or job opportunities for international students

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Supporting Students Abroad

Deciding to do an Internship Abroad within an Erasmum program is a great decision. Choosing to do an internship in Barcelona Spain would be an amazing location to gain practical work experience. At Tech Internships Abroad we help students to find the right placement no matter what you are studying

Internship Placement Duration

An Erasmus placement usually has an duraction period of 6-12 months. Please speak to your Careers Advisors to confirm how long you can take your internship for. An Internship Learning Agreement is compulsary to be signed between the host company and the university.

Financial Budgeting Abroad

Please make sure that you have confirmed your Erasmus Grant has been secured with your university. All of our internships provided are paid placements. We will also help you to find student accommodation and to obtain any legal documentations required to be in Barcelona, Mainly the NIE & Social Security Numbers. You should also do some research on the economy of the country you are deciding to intern in.

Match to paid Internship Fee - 450€ [excluding 21% IVA]
No Fee is chargeble before the match is complete

  • Why you should choose TIA?

  • Verified safe placement customised to your needs

  • Practical experience to enhance your CV

  • Opportunity to learn a foreign language

  • Multicultural immersion

  • What is included in our service?

  • Advice service to support you throughout the application

  • Help with obtaining your NIE and Social Security number

  • Accommodation advice

Who is eligible

1. Students Seeking Mandatory or Non Mandatory Internships in Europe

2. European Students Seeking Erasmus Internships Abroad

3. US Students seeking Summer Internships programs in Barcelona.

4. Graduate Students looking for Internships or full-time positions

5. International Students looking to do a Study Abroad program

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