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Tidbits in Barcelona

parc guell

Barcelona is full of doozies you could never miss. Most of the city’s architecture was made by

the famous Antoni Gaudi’. You can immediately notice it strolling along Passeig de Gracia

neighborhood. There are situated Casa Batllo’ and Casa Mila’, two really particular and

creative buildings both declared UNESCO world heritage. The color power and the originality

are the essence of Casa Batllo’ while Casa Mila’, also called La Pedrera, is characterized by

stones (as “Pedrera” means stone mine) cunningly organized in a smooth out way just to

remind the soft waves of the sea.

Another unmissable place is Parc Guell. This park, collocated on the top of a hill, is the most

amazing one of the city. It’s not only a simple public park but a very open air museum where

you can contemplate other Gaudi’s works. The most typical and captivating things are the

super bright and colorful mosaics on the terrace and weird animals as lizards made of glass.

Then you must go sight-seeing on Montjuic, which is a high mount with a very breath-taking

panorama. There you should visit the huge medieval castle which was a military fortress in the

past, and the MNAC museum namely the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. There it can be

found a large collection of paintings, sculptures and even photographs made by a lot of really

famous artists as Picasso, Dali’, Velazquez, Goya etc… and also an almost complete collection

of Romanesque art.

The last but not the least stage has to be the MACBA. It’s not only a contemporary art museum

completely made of glass, but above all, it’s a wonderful place where you can cherish your day

sitting at one of the dozens bar outdoor that you can find there, and admiring the incredible

tricks made by expert skaters! You will be really surprise watching of what even kids can make

with their skateboards! In that square you will get directly into the real Barcelona street life.

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