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Out door activities in Barcelona

June 9, 2016

A sunny, warm and super cheerful city as Barcelona for sure has a lot of different activities that 


you may find pretty interesting.


First of all you will notice how much sportive people you can find in this city. If you go to the 


seaside you will see hundreds of people jogging and not only! Thanks to specific speedways, 


people are free to move by bike, skateboard, rollerblades… If you really want to move quicly in 


Barcelona and you don’t want to take public transports, you don’t need a cab at all! Just rent 


one of these tools and you will be fast and enjoy a lot. Go without saying that every single 


person who lives in Bcn possesses one of them! Skateboarding is almost a cult here!





If you are interested in doing some sport, you should go to the beach and there you will find a 


lot of beach volley fields and just ask people to play with them, it’s the best way to meet new 


persons, have fun and practice some sport at the same time!  


While if you love water sports you must take a board and go surfing! Close to Barceloneta you 


have an amazing bar called indeed “Surf House”, where you can go to register for surf classes 


and in the meantime, grab a beer or a special fruit and vegetable cocktail with some super 


delicious nachos full of cheese, tomato sauce and guacamole, served by the most friendly and 


nice waiters I have ever met!




You could also try kitesurfing even if to do that, you need a really windy day, while for practice 


SUP, which means Stand Up Paddle Surf, you can go whenever there’s a flat sea, cause 


differently from surf, you just have to stand up on the board and move with the help of a 


paddle. It’s not as demanding as surfing but it’s still a good training! 


Another sport really popular in Barcelona is table tennis. Everywhere, in various parts of the 


city, squares and parks, you will discover dozens of ping pong fields. If you really want to play, 


you will have to wait a bit because usually they are always taken up!

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