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Cafés for studying in Barcelona

February 6, 2017


Cafés for erasmus students in Barcelona are very recommended especially when you cannot study at home for many reasons, such bad lighing in your room or some annoing roomate in your flat sharing Barcelona

Barcelona has plenty of interesting cafés, restaurants and libraries. The trick is, however, to find a place where you feel comfortable enough to actually spend a few hours reading, studying or structuring your week plan. Read below for a few insider tips! 

Buenas Migas
This is my personal favourite place when it comes to studies. Buenas Migas is located in several places around Barcelona, but the best one if you ask me, is located just right next to the metrostation in Universitat. It's a 2 minutes walk away from the university and offers delicious (and cheap!) foods and pasteries. You will not be disappointed! 


Babelia, books & coffee in Sant Antoni

This café is located in the neighborhood of Sant Antoni, and has a great variety of hot and cold drinks. Choose a book from the cafés own little library and try their brownies. A perfect place for a quiet evening or for an afternoon with your friends.


Federal in Gotico

Another café that’s perfect for when you need to focus. The staff here is really nice and the entire place has a relaxing vibe. Try the café latte with a hint of vanilla and enjoy.


Alsur Café in Born

Alsur is a really cool and hip place where you can sit for hours without getting disturbed. Here you can find all sorts of brunch food, healthy salads and juices. During the day you can always find at least 5 other people sitting in the comfortable couches, sipping a coffee and typing on their computer.





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March 12, 2018

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January 5, 2018

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