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Move to Barcelona: Secret places in Barcelona

Every LonelyPlanet guide could bring you to the usual touristic places of the city, but I can

reveal you the most hidden and secret places that nobody can know if they are not really into

the city’s life. If you have chosen Barcelona to Erasmus, you are a lucky person. Because it has a

lot of memorable places to visit.

bunker barcelona erasmus

Hidden on the top of a hill, if you take a bus and then walk up to Parc Guell, you will reach a

fabulous place where you will have the best Barcelona skyline of all. I’m talking about the

Bunker del Carmel, which was create during the Spanish Civil War to protect from fascist

airplanes attacks. Here you will reach serenity and peace while contemplating at the whole city

from above, you’ll have it at your feet!!

But don’t forget about Montjuic! Upon this mountain it can be found a majestic medieval

castle which was built with a function of a military fortress in the past. Also there you will have

an unmissable panoramic view of all the city, included the seaside. It could be reached by bus

or bike and it takes only 15-20 minutes from Placa de España!

If you are visiting the castle, then you cannot miss the astonishing labyrinth! While breathing a

bit of pure air in the middle of nature you can relax on a bench in this green area completely

far away from the noisy and chaotic metropolis.

The final suggested place is not really hidden though quite touristic but I couldn’t stop myself

from remind it…I’m talking about the magic fountains in Placa de España! Every week-end at

night, the fountains of the square start dancing crazy in rhythm of pleasing music and

illuminated by color lights for hours.

The magic fountains in Barcelona are a “must see” and are highly recommended!

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