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Erasmus in Barcelona: how much it cost?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023


The biggest aware of any students before going erasmus is:

How much should I spend during my erasmus?

Is my Erasmus grant enough to live?

Should I go somewhere else instead of Barcelona?

The answer is in the middle

Barcelona is city in constantly growing and prices are growing as well year by year.

How ever the cost of life for a student is still affordable in our opinion.

What has changed from the past?

Accommodation rent has rised a lot, and transportation is really more expensive than 5 years ago.

Should I be afraid?

No, the cost of life for an Erasmus student can be very cheap:

- The ticket of metro, bus and trains will go down 50% from september read more

- Choose a small room in the center or near your university

- Go on foot to places or use bicycle

- Buy food at Mercadona or Condis,

And you can save a lot of money.


An average of € 1000, and depending on what you want to do and the area where you want to stay, it may cost you a little more.

How is student life in Barcelona? Student life in Barcelona is full of leisure, culture and gastronomy. It is a city full of life at every turn and there is always something to discover, each neighbourhood offers you something different and surely there is a neighbourhood for you. The university area (Les Corts), Sarrià-Sant Gervas (tranquillity), Gràcia (quality and price) or Ciutat Vella (beach and tourism) are some of the neighbourhoods for better-valued students that can enter your plans to enjoy your Erasmus.

How much does a student accommodation cost in Barcelona?

  • Flat for 1 person can be € 700 - € 800.

  • Shared room on a flat € 400 - € 500.


Barcelona is affordable and perfect for an Erasmus experience in our opinion. Don't be afraid and chose Barcelona for your Erasmus!

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