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Why choose Barcelona for your Erasmus: 12 reasons

Updated: Jul 22, 2022


1. Size: you can walk almost everywhere

Barcelona is a human-size city - absolutely perfect: not too small (which makes it almost impossible to get bored in Barcelona, ​​even on a Sunday afternoon), not too big (you meet people there pretty quickly without getting lost among thousands of people). indifferent residents), allows you to quickly feel at home. It's so easy to get around and the city is so well connected that you can get off easily!

2.Transportation: Metro, Buses, Tranvia, Ferrocarril

Barcelona has an easy tranportation connections that cover basically the whole city. Metro can bring you almost every where and buses too. Also Tranvia and Ferrocarril are very important in the city that cover the areas where subway can't go.

Price of 1 ticket is around 2€, 1 mount card is around 40€

3. The beauty of the city

Barcelona is a city whose beauty is truly undeniable. The modernist buildings are famous and just walking around and looking up you will feel the soul of the city and marvel at all the genius of the Catalan architects. It was impossible not to fall under his spell.

Hundreds of activities, thousands of things to explore, local hospitality. Barcelona is a reference destination throughout the Iberian Peninsula

4. Mediterranean climate

The splendor of Barcelona is enhanced by the Mediterranean climate. Annual temperatures between 15ºC and 17ºC allow you to experience relatively mild winters at 5ºC and relatively warm summers. Cycling is a real pleasure!

5. Geographical location: beach and mountains

If you admire the facade of the Sagrada Familia, you'll notice that Anthony Gaudi symbolized the city's special position by placing the turtle on the left and the turtle on the right. The Catalan capital has the advantage of being a stone's throw from the sea and mountains, meaning you can swim at the beach once you've made the transition!

6. Good vibes and energy

Barcelona is a young city, that attract students from all the world. Has a vibrant atmosphere and people everywhere at any time. Bars and restaurants are always working, shopping at anytime in city center (Rambla / Pl. Catalunya, Portal del Angel). You will be motivated to hang out any time in Barcelona, is a city that never sleep and every day there is something to to do.

7.Parties and leisure

Barcelona is undoubtedly a party city. Not only because it offers many international concerts and music festivals, but also because its discotheques like Opium, Sutton, Razzmatazz or Pacha attract thousands of people from all over the world to discover its amazing atmosphere! Discover how to get free pass to clubs in Barcelona

8. Mixed culture of the city

Barcelona is a multicultural city that has always been welcomed and still welcomes people from other countries, which makes for a very fun and lively atmosphere. You will easily find foreign companies and all kinds of products!

9. Its history and cultural offerings

The cultural heritage of this city is truly extraordinary. You can go back in time and find the remains of Barcino (his name is from Roman times), modern works but also many modern works.

10. Safety

Barcelona is safe after all. Yes you have to be careful with pickpockets (always around) rogues and vagabonds, specially on the metro, on the rambla and control your belongings when you are in a bar or a club ( pickpockets are professionist of opening your bag waiting for your distractions). But after all is not dangerous, means that you can walk at any hour without beware too much.

11 Cities where you can practice many sports

From burning calories to having fun, you can practice many sports in the Catalan capital. Many facilities are planned and many activities are offered at affordable prices. The only problem is that it will be difficult for you to decide what to do!

12. Gastronomy

There are many options: Mediterranean diet, tapas, good Catalan dishes but also ethnic restaurants. The city's gastronomic offer is huge and you'll have enough time to discover and appreciate its specialties.


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