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Erasmus Student Card, it's a must!

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

The Erasmus Community Card - Premium Membership by WELOVEBCN allow you to participate to amazing events such as meetups, trips, parties, activities and get several benefits like discounts, gifts.

Get all benefit of the Erasmus Student Card by WELOVEBCN:

1- Discount in trips every weekend

2- Discounts in bars and restaurantes

3- Access to main clubs in Barcelona

4. gifts in our bars every night

According to the COVID preventions and for eco-sustainability we have decided to create a virtual card which is obtained through a premium membership on this website. All discounts on trips are automatically applied if you login with your membership.

Outside of this site you can show the pdf card that you receive on email once you are registered.

You always require your fisical card at our offices or in our meetings

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