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Festivals in Barcelona

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Barcelona is the one of the best cities in Europe for music festivals hosting.

One of the most popular Festival in Barcelona is without any doubt the Sonar Festival. If you

visit the city in the middle of June you must buy the tickets and visit this amazing festival in

which you will find all sorts of weird stuff and particular products while listening to the best

musical groups and singers ever as the Pet Shop Boys, Skrillex, Paul Kalkbrenner and many

others! It’s a mix of art, technology and music, a perfect combination that takes place for three

long days and nights without stopping partying!

Go without saying that the biggest entertainment starts at night, the so called Sonar Night

which is apart from the Sonar Day, where a mix of pop and electronic music gets louder and

the party could prolong even until 8 in the morning!

The Sonar Festival moves every year to different places, usually was used to take place at

MACBA, this year relocates at Fira de Montjuic and Plaza de España.

Another awesome festival which take place near the Sonar one, at the end of May, is the

Primavera Sound. It’s located in the Forum Parc in Diagonal Mar and it’s one of the biggest

festivals in Spain with the Sonar. Includes a huge range of different musical genres, from indie,

jazz, metal and rock music to pop, folk, hip hop and electronic.

It’s an amazing event as well as one of the biggest attraction for tourists as the Sonar and

every year let Barcelona gain thousands euros.

When July get closer, you have to be prepared for the namely “ biggest rave in Spain”, the

Monegros Festival, unmissable for the biggest club lovers! You can rent a car from Barcelona

and drive for a couple of hours until you reach this city. The festival takes place in assort of

desert where people build some tents and party from sunset to dawn until their feet hurt!

Last but not least, you can join the Benicassim Festival, which is a city situated between

Valencia and Barcelona and lasts for four days during July. We are talking about a super

famous and attractive festival where a lot well-known artists came, as Depeche Mode, Oasis,

Scissor Sisters, Muse, Artic Monkeys, The Strokes and so on. Parties usually start from the late

afternoons until dawn so during the morning you can just realx at the beach and at night when

you’re too tired to dance more, you can lay as usual, in a tent under the beautiful starry sky!

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