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Sitges Carnival, dont miss it!

We have a great offer for Erasmus students in Barcelona who love parties. Dont miss the great Sitges Carnival this february!

As spring has started here in Barcelona and the weather is getting hotter, the parties and events has come alive aswell. Stay with me and I’ll tell you all about it. First up on the eventlist; Carnival! Read below.

Why Sitges

Im sure you havent missed the Sitges Carnival that’s taking place this week. Or at least, I hope not. The Sitges Carnival is one of the biggest festivals in Spain and features about 3000 participants and attracts about 250 000 visitors during the carnival week!

Between the 21st february and march 1st the little town outside of Barcelona will turn into a grand camp for the carnival which features many colorful parades and parties. Street music, live jams, dancers in amazing costumes and great party people gather to participate in this great event. Many erasmus students go here during the carnival to enjoy both the pitoresc town and the activities during the carnival.


The best days to visit the carnival for the greatest parades is Sunday 26th or Tuesday 28th. The Sunday will offer, among other things, the parade of Rua de l’Extermini (adult's parade) which you cannot miss! After the parade the party will continue throughout the city and the nightclubs.

Tuesday is the last day of the Carnival, which means it will be intense. Be prepared for a great masquerade, confetti and a huge disco at the Theatre Hall afterwards. Rua de l'Extermini is the parade to mark and mourn the end of the celebrations. It is often jam-packed with drag queens dressed all in black to mourn the end of the party and the death of the King of the Carnival.

You can find the complete program schedule here.

Visit the Sitges Carnival with Welovbvn & Barcelona Trips

Erasmus Barcelona has a great offer for those who would like to join the party; a roundtrip to Stiges and back to Barcelona, free shot & discounts, and also free entrance to a club in Sitges. All of this for only 10€! This is one festival you dont want to miss!

On Sunday our 6 buses with 500 party curious Erasmus students will move towards the great Carnival. The buses will move at 17:00 but not before a pre-party with games and student discounts. After arriving to Sitges you will have some free-time to explore the city before the big carnival starts. Click here to get to Erasmus Facebook page to find further information and sign up!

How to get to the Carnival on your own

In case you want to visit Sitges during daytime and enjoy the city, there are several options for you aswell. The Renfe will be putting in extra tours during the carnival week, with a departure every 20 minutes. Pre-book your ticket here or buy it at the train station.

Bus is also an option, and its very cheap too! Monbus will be delivering extra buses during the week which means that you can go to Sitges in 45 minutes for only 4€! More information, time schedule and prices on Monbus website.

This is one winter festival you dont want to miss, hope to see you there!

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