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Health Insurance for Erasmus and Exchange Students in Barcelona with BARCETIP

Whenever you leave your country to do an Erasmus Barcelona, Exchange Program, for many people hiring an health insurance become un essential requirements. Depending on the country where you want to study, the requirements are usually different or they often change the immigration policies and require new requirements for student health insurance. That is why Erasmus Barcelona Community has set itself the task of finding the insurance that best suits the requirements of foreigners in Spain and we believe that we have found it and that many of our members have hired him and are satisfied with the service.

Most complete one that we have found in the market today is the one offered by Sanitas. It has designed a specific medical insurance for foreign students who come to our country to cover all their needs during their stay in Spain. It is a complete healthcare insurance that meets all the requirements of the visa required for entry into our country or for the subsequent renewal of the residence permit in Spain.

Conditions of contract It is a product without deficiencies, all services will be active from the first day. Sanitas International Students is a product without co-payments.


Recruitment age: This product is aimed at students between 18 and 35 years old. The maximum age of permanence in the product is 35 years.

Discount: 4% per annual payment. Type of payment: monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annual.

Contract period: health insurance by Sanitas has a minimum stay of 3 months and a maximum stay of 1 year to renew if you stay in Spain for another year.

Requirements for contracting the product Be between 18 and 35 years old. It will be essential to present a residence card or passport. Provide the accreditation of studies that will be taken.

To request information and budget contact:

BARCETIP +34932550323


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