Welcome Week: Erasmus Barcelona 2020

Hi there, if you are a new upcoming Erasmus Students in Barcelona, or planning to come for an erasmus in Barcelona, you found the right blog.

ErasmusBarcelona.org and WELOVEBCN are pleased to help and guide you into this amazing experience that will change your life. We recommend you to subscribe to our site and our social madie such as faceboook and whatsapp groups.

The most frequent questions of students who had to face an erasmus experience are:

What to do upon arrival?

Where should I go?

How do I find flatmates?

How do I meet new students like you straitgh on?

First thing to do is join our welcome week: don't miss an event, don't skip this apportunity to meet new friends and find student like you who are looking for new friends and start a new adventure with new people.

You have te opportunity to meet the Erasmus Barcelona crew: the guys from WELOVEBCN organization: Giorgio Dany and Kadir, who will guide you for the rest of your journey ;)

Where to find WELCOME WEEK Events

Facebook: facebook.com/erasmusbarcelona.org

Web: erasmusbarcelona.org/upcomig-events

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